The precious metal silver and its properties

The word silver comes from the Latin word “Argentum,” which literally means “money.”
Compared to other metals, silver has an above-average color brightness and polishability, is soft, malleable and corrosion and heat resistant.
In addition, one of the special properties of silver is that it has an antibacterial effect, and is therefore often used where bacteria are undesirable (e.g. surgical instruments).
Silver is so popular in jewelry making because it lasts a lifetime and even becomes more beautiful in appearance.
Silver wants to be worn!
If it lies around for too long or is not stored in a low-air environment, it turns yellow or can even turn black.
That's why silver is sometimes rhodium-plated to prevent it from tarnishing (sulfation). With a rhodium coating, the piece of jewelry gets a grayish-chrome color, which is not always desirable. As an alternative, non-rhodium-plated parts can be cleaned using the appropriate means and methods
(see cleaning tips here ).
The rose and yellow gold pieces of jewelry from Arte Alias ​​are refined silver pieces and are only provided with an appropriate alloy.
Please note that coated jewelry is not as robust as pure sterling silver products (see wearing gold/rose gold here ).
Arte Alias ​​also offers the service; To have jewelry re-alloyed. This means you can, for example, have a gold chain re-silvered or a silver ring re-gilded.
Of course, pieces of jewelry that can no longer be cleaned can also be refinished. Please contact us by phone or email.