About Us

Yolanda Mazenauer, founder of Arte Alias

The desire to create something brilliant

What began in 2007 with an idea, a lot of passion and commitment from founder Yolanda Mazenauer-Alias, has developed over time into a successful jewelry company.
The high standards of quality, design and good service have connected us with you to this day. You can register at ArteAlias ​​Schmuck & Acc. Rest assured that you will only receive high-quality jewelry that will give you joy for a lifetime.

What are we about?

Our jewelry is by no means intended for a specific group of women, men or age groups. It's about expressing your individual self. One way to do this is through the little things you wear. We want to help everyone be themselves.




Ketten Andean opal bracelet
SFr. 49.00

Expansion of the collection

As we all know, there is still room in a woman's jewelry box. Since you can perfect an outfit with jewelry and accessories, you obviously need a wide range to cover your needs. Because who wants to be bored?
Most people always want something new, an interesting selection and ideally at a fair price.

Always on trend

The opportunities to continually create new pieces of jewelry and adapt them to the needs of customers are and will remain great. Thanks to our agility and flexibility, we are able to keep up with the times in the rapidly changing fashion world.
Over time, we have also included partial collections from other labels, such as the successful trend watch brand OOZOO Timepieces, in our range. We would like to pass on the ideas of the many great designers to our customers.

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